Cette méthode est donc analogue à la corrélation croisée faite usuellement pour calculer la CCF dont découle la mesure de VR Section 1. The quality of the data does not allow us to conclude on the nature of the system, and only an identification of the type of the counterpart will allow this question to be answered. The work was mainly stationary. They were of normal height and weight, and their physical work capacity was moderate or slightly below average. Au signal donné par l’expérimentateur, il prend une vis et un écrou, visse un tour- et dépose le boulon dans le casier central.

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Cette planète inaugurait une nouvelle famille de planètes, celles des Jupiters chauds. Pour les étoiles de type M, les pulsations ont une faible amplitude et sont de très courtes périodes. Ainsi, aucun type de chaussure ou de gant ne peut être considéré comme réellement efficace. Zoom on two subintervals from Obs. In particular, the intrinsic absorption, temperature of seed photons for Comptonization and plasma optical depth remain relatively constant. La figure 3 montre qu’une immersion dans l’eau froide 15 C durant 30 minutes produit de plus grandes chutes de température rectale chez des personnes plus maigres.

Paris Diderot Rapporteur interne Professeur, Univ. Ana, qui elle en plus vit cela au quotidien. You got guts my dear! Astronomie X et Gamma: Conclusion de la partie II 8. Flux radio en fonction du flux X pour divers trous noirs. Etudes spectro-temporelles de microquasars: Philippe Durouchoux — The Cycle 9 Sample J. Kaaret,accepted in ApJ arXiV Ozbeyaccepted in ApJ arXiV E Shaw, et al. X-ray spectro-temporal analysis J. Kalemci ApJ,— Mowlavi, I Krekeynbohm, S.

Shaw, K Pottschmidt, J. Tagger, P Varniere, J. PellatApJ,— I The Cygnus Region M. Stage master II Observations de type ToO.

Paris 29 juin Juillet Organisateur principal: Les Houches Organisateur principal: Durouchoux Edition scientifique Sous forme de livre: Rodriguez Sous forme de cd-rom: Deux grandes familles de binaires X. Je me focalise sur deux types particuliers de binaires X: Neutron star X-ray binaries 25 22 Chapitre 1. Introduction « fan beam » « pencil beam » free falling plasma shock slowly sinking plasma neutron star layer of radiation neutron star 2. Simplified emission patterns in the polarpolaire caps ofsur an accreting neutron star.

A gauche dans le cas panel: For low accretion rates, matter falls directly almost onto the neutron star surface.


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Photons are then emitted vertically. Figure from Kretschmar This model to high sources. Dans ce cas une partie du rayonnement X est produit au choc. Mais, comme nous le verrons dans cette HDR chap. Notons cependant que Migliari et al.

Cyg X-1 Stirling et al. Source Fender et al. Rappelons certaines des grandes questions relatives aux objets compacts et binaires X: Ceci permet alors un premier suivi du ciel X et Gamma sur cette base temporelle. Le bras de Norma 41 Fig.

Notons la forte proportion de HMXB parmis ces 20 sources: Les IGR y apparaissent en bleu. Conclusions du chapitre 3.

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Bien que cette 4. Sources Rodriguez et al. Cet article Rodriguez et al. Sources Chaty et al. Je mentionnerai donc les programmes de S. Tomsick8and P. Strongly absorbed sources, not detected in previous surveys, could contribute significantly to the Galactic hard X-ray background between 10 and keV.

IGR J — X-rays: Introduction X-ray binaries where the compact object is a neutron star or black hole can become strong hard X-rays emitters when accretion takes place. GX —2 Swank et al.

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Moderate absorption was also detected in a few X-ray bursters Natalucci et al. This resulted in a Throughout this analysis we used an Letter to the Editor 5. The X-ray spectrum was immediately recognized as exceptional featuring strong photo-electric absorption, the associated Fe absorption edge at 7. Ipp data were first screened for enhanced variable background by filtering out the time intervals where the count rate above 10 keV was higher than the threshold count rate 18 for MOS2 and 60 for PN per s bin.

Source events were subsequently extracted from a 25 radius circle 5.3.8 on the source. A second circle with the same radius was fixed on a comparable region on the detector exsy serve as background. Examination of the residuals of model 1 shows that the spectral model is systematically flatter than the ISGRI spectrum.

All parameters are free in model 1. Simultaneous spectral observations performed below and above 20 keV are eaxy to constraint better the spectral model.

The strength of the Fe edge at 7. The position of the Fe absorption edge also indicates the presence of Fe that is ionized less 2 times. Note that the systematic uncertainty on the line and edge energies is 10 eV. This could be related to data selection and reduction.


A firm detection of the Compton shoulder should be confirmed by future observations. Our data do not therefore show evidence for reflection as could be inferred from the low energy excess. Hidee the fast continuum rise around time 19 s in Fig. All images have the same scale. The XMM error circle 4 radius is shown on each image.

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It is remarkable that the flux and the absorption observed in the active states in and are hidee similar. The respective images are shown in Fig. The R magnitude is reported to vary over an interval of 50 years between The flux density in the MSX A band is 0.

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Observations have been conducted at 4. The absorption could however be smaller if the source is nearby Chapitre 5. This however remains to be verified. This possibility was also proposed by Revnivtsev et al. This distance is also compatible with the line variability. This distance compares better with the companion star radius than with the accretion radius unless the stellar wind velocity is small.

We searched unsuccesfully for hidd presence of pulsations that would be a clear signature of a neutron star in the system. The counting rate of the source during the XMM observation does not allow any definitive answer as the upper limit on the relative amplitude for a rather broad 0.

Contribution to the X-ray background Absorbed sources could contribute significantly to the Galactic high energy background. The flux of that component 2. The intensity of the background emission could be explained by 0. Government grant NAG 5.03.8 Acta, 53, Courvoisier, T. Petrucci4and G.

We report the details of discovery, using an improved position for the analysis. During our observation only the JEM X-2 unit was being used. The position of the source Hannikainen et al. Recently a likely orbital period of We then present our results in Sect.

The entire duration of a pointing science window is s, Letter to the Editor 5.